UI/UX Rework


UI/UX Designer




Together with Fannie Lorant, we reworked the UI of the game Deceit. We believe that the changes we did improves the UI and UX of the game without changing the balance in the gameplay.

We added a visual impact for one of the transitions to make it more balanced for all players. This is one of three transitions and this was the only one without any visual impact for the the innocent players.


No visual impact when enrage starts except for a UI tool tip


The screen briefly turns red to signal the transition to enrage to all players


The username of the player is larger


The character name gets more focus and is easier to read

We then decided to change the order of the names on the player list.

In Deceit, the players refer to each other by the name of the character they are playing. Me and Fannie have played a lot of Deceit, and we both agree that the order of the names in the voice chat was difficult to read. We felt that everytime we had to double check the name or look more closely at the list, our immersion in the actual gameplay was broken.

So we made this changed to make it easier to know who you are talking to without taking away from the immersion.

We also changed the icons for the waypoints. We wanted them to more clearly show direction and not cause confusion when navigating the map.

The waypoints currently have a small arrow to guide the player in a direction. We both agreed that this arrow was barely noticable and could be improved by simply making it larger.


Very small arrow that can easily be missed


Larger arrow with better readability


The icon was the same regardless of which floor the exit was on


The exit changes depending on if the player has to go up, down, or stay on the same floor

Lastly we changed the icon for the exit.

We noticed that, especially with inexperienced players, it was difficult to know on what floor the exit was.

If the players don't find the exit in time they die in poisionous gas. Dying because you get lost on a map and not because you made a tactical error is something we believe causes unnecessary frustration. We changed this by adding variations of the icon to more clearly show floor level.